Friday, 28 September 2012

Celebrating our lunacy

Yes, we've been in our new house in Dunnington one month today! (think anniversary) Celebrated somewhat in anticipation by having some new friends round for a meal last night.

Can't quite believe we've been here this long and that the kids have already had 3 weeks of school (read, what HAVE I done with all that time?!) The Mancub is very excited about learning to 'sound out' and read simple words and Kitty has requested another friend from class to come over for a playdate next week after we had the twins over this week.

Last weekend Granny and Grandad arrived, bringing some of our odds and ends with them and causing much excitement! On Saturday we folded Granny into the boot of the Nissan and took them off for a day at the seaside, trying the charms of Bridlington beach and seafront before retiring to the somewhat quieter Flamborough Head for lunch, rock-pooling and cave exploration. On the Sunday we tried out a church in the city run by an old Uni friend of mine. Very nice group of people and some good challenging teaching. After a nice Italian lunch in the Shambles we ambled back home to take the wrinklies on the full sightseeing tour of Dunnington, culminating in the highlight - the playpark! They joined in enthusiastically.

This weekend yet more relatives arrive, bringing with them an old chest of drawers that used to grace Great Granny's front hall. Another trip to the beach I think!

p.s. Friends in Tanzania, yes we can still go to the beach... if we wear our tights, sweaters, hoodies, coats, walking boots...

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