Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rather too much excitement

I leant something very helpful from the local vicar this morning. The way to A&E. The plan had been to attend the harvest festival service and carry on to the harvest brunch but we attended the service and carried on to the minor injuries clinic after the mancub threw himself headlong at some piece of decorative Norman masonry during coffee time.

Mr B, conveniently, was in the process of descending towards Kilimanjaro International Airport at the time, so ithrew my cup of coffee at a random parishioner, picked up my dripping child and realised that I had no idea where the nearest hospital was. Churches, thank God, are wonderful places when you need help. The first aid kit appearered, the vicar went to fetch his car and his 4 year old's car seat and his wife took Kitty off to the harvest brunch and then home to play with her three boys while the vicar drove us to A&E.

While we settled ourselves in for a long wait, he went to find a cashpoint (I found I had £1.50 on me) and returned with a cash loan, snacks, an activity book and a pack of coloured pencils.

The mancub, fortunately, didn't need stitches. Some superglue and a handful of steristrip sufficed and he now has a small spider's web adorning one cheek. 

By the time we got home mid afternoon we had some left over cottage pie and two types of dessert awaiting us, in addition to a bunch of flowers rescued from the brunch tables. 

Isn't community wonderful.


  1. Oh no! I hope his cut gets better quickly. Y

  2. I thought we'd discussed this? There are better ways of cementing new friendships than being in crisis!

    Glad he's ok and hope you are too.

    1. Sorry to hear about the accident. It was surely a rough day for you and the Mancub.

      What a wonderful support system you have, though, between your vicar, his wife, and the parishioners of your church - they stepped in and were such a huge help! Sounds like you picked the right community to move to. :-)

      Hope the wound heals quickly.

      Ann in Virginia