Wednesday, 5 September 2012

First day of school at Dunnington CE Primary

We have internet at home - hurrah! Moved into our new house last Tuesday. Met dozens of friendly people in the village and had two playdates, three coffees and a family worship service already! (not to mention a lovely weekend away after our first 3 had been booked for months).

And as if that isn't exciting enough, the kids started school today. Until yesterday I was convinced that the Mancub was only going to be going mornings at first, but I found out yesterday, when we went in to meet the teachers, that things have changed so he's going all day straight away. He seemed pretty chilled about it. I was rather wobbly and nearly tearful! 1 more hour before I pick them up...

p.s. readership vote - should we keep the lounge carpet????!!


  1. Ooo I'm pretty sure we had that carpet too at some point!

    And yes - keep it - until you've finished doing everything else you plan to do, anyway, cos otherwise you know that you'll get the replacement stained and worse in the process. Unless of course you happen to have to scrub it and realise the entire thing is mouldy and covered in ancient dog bits...

    1. My goodness, what a difference in that big boy ready for his first day at school and the baby you took to Tanzania! Both he and Kitty look adorable, and I hope they had a happy first day!

      It sounds like you have settled in to your new home remarkably quickly! I agree with Tia - keep the carpet for now (it looks like it will hide stains well, too!).

      I have so enjoyed following your adventures in Tanzania, and the growth of your beautiful children - thank you for sharing! (And, hope I've commented correctly - I'm not at all computer savvy!)

      Ann in Virginia (USA), where bear and rattlesnake sightings are the closest we get to the fearsome wildlife you encountered in Africa!

  2. CUTE! Hope they had a lovely day. I'm sure that Mrs B will soon get used to her time to herself and be baffled at how school pick-up time comes all too quickly.

  3. Too right about getting used to having the time. I'm loving it! Busy sorting the house, Internet ordering so many things that the bank stopped my card thinking someone had stolen it (oops!) and exploring the local area.

    Ann, looks like you've got the hang of commenting fine! Bears and rattlesnakes sound pretty scary to me! The UK seems a bit tame relative to Tanzania but the kids seem more worried about nettles than they were about 8cm acacia thorns. Did you find our blog through behind the child?

  4. Yes, I found your blog through Behind the Child. :-) And I was directed to BTC by a woman I met here in Virginia, where she was living for a while before returning to the UK.

    We used to live closer to Washington, DC, where my husband worked for the federal government, but we are now in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, so seeing bears and rattlers is not very unusual. I think most unusual was seeing a panther (cougar?) with her two kits a few years ago. Although there are occasional sightings, the forest rangers insist that they no longer prowl the area. I am often afraid to walk from the house to the barn, and was amazed at your bravery at camping around LIONS!