Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Sorry, no pics yet. Mr B has been working non-stop since we got back on Sunday afternoon and today flew off to Dar, en route to South Africa, bearing away the computer with the photos on.

But, we had a lovely safari! We couldn't get to the places he needed to check out for his burning experiments next month, as heavy rains had made one into an impassable bog and the other was on the other side of that... So, we spent three nights at Ndutu Safari Lodge, known to our kids as the Genet lodge on account of the Genet family that live in the roof and venture inside in the evenings.

We had some of our best safari experiences ever, and all without crowds of cars, it being low season. The first evening we watched lions mating and then spent an hour and a half with a cheetah and her five young cubs. She must have just killed the Thompson's gazelle that they were all munching on in some tall grass when we arrived. The cubs popped up every now and again to have a look around, and then, when stuffed full, came right out in the open and romped around, tackling each other. They finally ventured right next to the car, and then played under it. We could feel as well as hear them thumping around under our feet. We didn't see another car the whole time.

We saw lions everyday, including three cubs nursing from their patient mother and then playing king of the castle on a broken branch. And we must have seen dozens of bat-eared foxes. We saw a different cheetah with two cubs chase and bring down a hare, which they all then shared enthusiastically.

Wonderful time!


  1. hello,

    My family and I are wanting to move to TZ from the US and wondering if you've got any tips/resources to share regarding all things moving. Especially from the TZ end. Movers, costs, things to bring or not bother bringing, visas and work permits etc etc.


  2. Hi ajira

    We came just for a few years and only brought a suitcase each, so I'm afraid I don't have any information about movers and costs. It's easy to get second hand furniture, or get things made to order. I know friends of mine wished they had brought their own bedlinen from home!

    There are good pharmacies but you don't get all the medicines you can get at home, so worth packing anything you use regularly. Also, sunscreen is very expensive so worth bringing it with you.

    There are very few good quality toys available, though some people go up to Nairobi in Kenya for shopping and apparently you can get good stuff there. There are a few good bookshops though, and some will order things in for you.

    It depends a lot on which part of Tanzania you will be moving to. We live in Arusha. I know that there are many things available in Dar es Salaam that are not available here. Similarly, if you live somewhere more remote, you won't get the same range of products.

    Re. visas and work permits. I believe that in theory you are supposed to have your work permit before you enter the country. In the past many people arrived and bought a three month tourist visa on arrival and then set about getting their resident's permit. I think things have tightened up recently. Best to check with the authorities.

    Hope this is of some help!

    Best wishes

    Mama B