Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rwanda here we come

Grandma and I are off to Rwanda tomorrow for 5 nights, hoping to see Gorillas and Golden Monkeys. We were supposed to go to Congo but sadly the wrong sort of guerillas are currently occupying Virunga National Park and it's closed to visitors and all sorts of nasty things are going on.

So, Kigali tomorrow and Volcanoes National Park on Friday. Mr B is doing the honourable thing and staying behind to look after the children. We'll be back tuesday evening. What fun!


  1. Wow, I'm really jealous. When I was young(er)I was obsessed with Mountain Gorillas (mainly after reading Gorilla Adventure by Willard Price), and then when I was older, watching Gorillas in the Mist. Have a good time

  2. So am I! Not only the gorillas but all those nice birds I hope they're finding...

  3. Looking forward to hearing about the trip...