Thursday, 7 April 2011

Easter Fun at School

So, we're nearly off! Tomorrow, after lunch we'll head off to the airport, Saturday morning (hopefully) we'll arrive at Heathrow. Not quite sure what awaits us - the question we're currently asking ourselves is whether it will be more of a shock returning to UK, or coming back here after three weeks away?! Busy packing today, and happily the power came on again this evening enabling me to copy a few new stories onto the MP3 player for Kitty and the Mancub to enjoy on the flight (or at the airport), back up the laptop and access some of the pictures I wanted for the talk I'm still putting together.

Meanwhile it was an Easter fun day at school this morning, the Mancub and Kitty took Mama, so I've only got the pictures to go by. But it looks like they had fun!

Kitty is always happiest cutting and sticking things

Stirring eggs in paint seems to have been fun for the Mancub!

More glue please!

Class mascot J-R enjoying things too

Wasn't all riveting stuff though!

So, looks like lots of fun was had. If you want to know more about the school, Mama B has been spending some time gettinga  website up and running - it's not finished yet but you can sneak a preview here if you want! And because it's a nice picture  and we're not likely to be posting any pictures of quite such shiny birds for the next few weeks (might manage the ocasional UK update though, you never know...), here's one of my recent office visitors - a female Collared Sunbird (the male's much shiner but wasn't giving me nice shots...)

p.s. Mama B adding in here - yesterday we picked up 3 pieces of post - 3 birthday cards and a present for Kitty! Thank you so much Great Grannie, Edinburgh Beales and Arches. It seems to take post at least 6 weeks to get here but it is appreciated all the more for its unexpected and unpredictable arrival!


  1. Have a good trip. I assume you won't be in East Lothian, but if you are give us a call. :)

  2. Hopefully you are safe on English soil by now. Have a wonderful time. Safe journeys. Will look forward to hearing all about mega family get togethers.
    Much love and assurance of prayers always.