Friday, 29 April 2011

Another day, another god-daughter...

Wednesday saw a 3 family trip to Stockley Farm park as we said goodbye to one set of friends (including on eof our God-daughters) and moved on to another set, this time in Chester (and with yet another of our god-daughters).

Thursday involved a trip to the local pool, meeting up with yet MORE friends, including yet ANOTHER god-daughter, who came over to Chester for the day to see us. (Thank you!)

 And today, well, what would we have been doing this morning but watching the Royal Wedding on tv of course! We hung on in Chester in time to catch the historic balcony kiss (both of them) between the prince and new princess and then high-tailed it back down to Abingdon to Granny and Grandad's to arrive in time for the traditional bun throwing event which is Abingdon's way of celebrating Royal occasions. Basically the Mayor and co. stand at the top of the town hall (sadly on this occasion covered in scaffolding) and hurl buns down at the starving populace (us).... We (Granny, us and Aunti T and her girls (two MORE god-daughters) were rather too far back in the crowd and had to share 2 buns between 8 of us, so just as well that we'd brought some marmite sandwiches for the kids and we had a nice vegetable chili waiting for us at home.

These wonderful British traditions... how will we cope with setting off back to Tanzania tomorrow night??

p.s. in the interests of avoiding gender discrimination, we do have one God-son, whom we saw earlier this holiday. In fact, we've managed a complete Full House this trip. Hurray!

p.p.s Thank you to F for this lovely shot of Kitty and K enjoying the cherry blossom on tuesday!

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