Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mystery pics and other challenges...

Having a quieter weekend, so nothing new to report. But sorting a few more pics - there may be extras in the next few days - here are some mysteries from the beach:

Another bit of this. I'm not convinced by the suggestion from two that the earlier one was a whale vertebrae - there's no hint of a circular process anywhere, and no obvious fractures or fusions that should happen. But find me a nice picture of a whole one that solves it and I'll be happy. Meanwhile this one clearly is the inverse of the other - a left where the other was right - and could easiuly fit in the gap in the earlier one. Anyother thoughts?!

(note BES prduct placement!) Next, there's that large bone featured in the last blog and cut out here from a couple of others. Possibly hippo? Note very thick at one end, thinner at the other, maybe a radius/ulna part (can't remember which one is which... - the bigger one...). I know there are some guides who read the blog, surely some of you can come up with a definitive answer to this one...
 And this isn't a mystery, but is definitely a challenge. Those lovely bandas we were staying in are constructed of bamboo, palm and sisal. The largest scout camping challenge ever?

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  1. The smaller thing is a pen.
    Glad to help.