Thursday, 7 October 2010

Aardvark to Zebra

Long silence recently due, firstly, to the power going off for 4 days or so, and still off when we all headed off on a weekend safari, then internet issues followed by blogger having an off day. But we're all fine! And had a great safari - photos will come, but the highlight for me was another great night drive at Manyara Ranch, where we managed three aardvarks (one came right up to the car - so close I couldn't see it from my side some times!) and two aardwolves, both new mammals for me (serval was good too!). And I think we got about 18 species of mammal on that single drive - not bad at all. Plus the lions putting on a good performance at night in Tarangire - and seen from the lodge in the morning dragging a wildebeest off to a shady spot and great fun was had by all. I'm now catching up with e-mails, whilst C & S have been packed off to the crater with a friend driving them, leaving us with four children for 30 hours or so... Hope they have fun! Anyway, photos to follow, but I'd better for some work now...

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