Saturday, 30 October 2010


This morning we went to a Halloween Party.

It was hosted by a friend from Playgroup an involved games and food contributions from various people. Given that the children were mostly 3, with one 4 year old, a couple of 5's (Kitty was the eldest) and various younger siblings, it was deliberately non-scary, with plenty of pumpkin themed games, a few monster face cakes, musical pumpkins (think Musical chairs but having to share pumpkins) and fancy dress including 2 fairies, 1 fairy witch, Tigger, a pirate skeleton, Fred Flintstone, a snail, a butterfly and a cheetah.... Nationalities included U.S., Canadian, British, Luxumbourgian, Israili, Tanzanian, German, Carribean....It was great! Thanks PJ for all your hard work and inspiration!

Tonight Mr B and I get to go to a real grown up party - a joint 40th birthday bash. We're leaving the kids at 5.30 with one set of babysitters, who are experienced parents and hopefully can get them through dinner and bedtime. They will be relieved by babysitter no. 2, a 16 year old boy, son of friends, after they are asleep. Babysitters were thin on the ground this weekend!

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  1. Great photos. Looks a fun party. Good luck with the babysitting.