Thursday, 13 May 2010

Camping and crocodiles

We're off camping for one night tomorrow, with friends who've lived here forever and know all about it (and have all the equipement and spare to lend us). Kitty's hoping to see a leopard. Mr B's more judiciously thinking about possible Dikdik. While I would love to see a leopard at some point, I am hoping that moment does NOT come at any point over the next 36 hours when we are not in a vehicle and trailing two leopard snacks children. The Mancub scorned the Dikdik idea but confidently awaits zebra, and most definitely does NOT want to see a black crocodile. These vile creatures have now taken over the role of stalking his room by night (except when the black frogs are taking their turn). Apparently he saw one on the bedroom floor when he woke up one morning.... makes a change from the big plane and white car anyway.


  1. Grannie and Grandad had to take the monsters and aliens out of Mr B's bedroom every night for a very long time - I wonder if the hoover might suck them up for you one day?

  2. Hey, I'll have a crocodile sandwich and make it snappy!