Monday, 10 May 2010

Busy weekend

And we've been busy again today, what with visiting the new school (Kitty), a birthday party for our neighbour (the sight of me carrying a buch of baloons and birthday cake up the road had various locals in hysterics this afternoon. Can't think why.) and Friday's postponed birding session rearranged (me). So I'm not going to write much, just offer a few pics of the events (starting with more trainer-related wildlife above).

Kitty starred in the special (US) Mother's day assembly at school where she and a few others were asked to say something about their mother. Surprisingly, there was no "My mummy like to shout at Daddy" or similar, and Kitty got away with the (admittedly also surprising) "My Mama like dresses".

Plenty of powercuts have featured too. But won't stop bed-time stories with visitors for the Mancub...

More wildlife at Lake Duluti

And Kitty's unconventional hair band, also at Duluti.
The Mancub kept a wary eye on the flame-thrower until such time as the cake was safe to eat... Definitely the best thing about any party...

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