Thursday, 9 February 2012

People in dresses...

The frocks at the front (M on right!)
Sunday morning we were treated to a wonderful Tanzanian experience when friends of ours were officially and ceremonially made directors of a nearby Anglican Bible college. The event was due to kick off at 9am, and we were only fractionally late so some of the first to arrive. After a while the main guests and many men in frocks arrived (and a few women too). We left after at lunch time after the first event of the day, with the schedule only running 1 1/2hrs late (the official lunch was scheduled for 2.30, plus delays I think we were wise to skip off!) - not bad at all really! Lots of enthusiastic singing and music kept causing the generators to fail, and kids were happy making nests and playing in the dust outside. K amd M finally got home just before 7, I understand, throughly installed in their new positions.

The kids out the back

Massed frocks and kids!

It was a bit dusty...

Kitty too had her moments in a dress on Wednesday at the latest ballet event. The Mancup didn't have any activity books with him so started by working Mama's mobile to send me texts (very impressive), then practiced with the camera, so photos of this dress thanks to the Mancub today.

Meanwhile, the event everyone has been waiting for (or not) has finally come to pass. We have residents permits and research permits! Amazing... Just need the stamp in our passports and we'll be done, though we're official at this stage now. Only taken 2 and a bit years...


  1. Woohoo, fantastic and three million cheers! Happy researching!

  2. "The event was due to kick off at 9am, and we were only fractionally late so some of the first to arrive." This made me laugh!!

  3. FANTASTIC news. Mr B will have to do some work now : ) !!