Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Orphan baby elephant

We are part of an email network in Arusha, mainly used by ex-pats to advertise items for sale, forthcoming events, security problems etc. This was posted today. Can't imagine we'll get emails like this when we're back in the UK. 
Dear Friends
Tina has put out a call for help for this baby elephant who wandered into Mkomazi - the home of Lucy and Tony Fitzjohn (BORN FREE AND WALKING WITH LIONS FAME )
The wee thing can only be fed SMA GOLD Cap baby milk and we have bougth up all we could in Dar but if you know of any please let us know or contact Tina direclty  - the tins cost TSH 40,000/- each
its mummy and family are no where to be found - very sad :-(
hope you can help

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