Friday, 27 January 2012

Christmas deliveries!

Mama B managed to collect our post today, and we were pleased to find a range of presents, Christmas and even (for Mr B) rather late birthday cards! The last couple of years we've managed a seond Christmas thanks to visitors arriving in the New Year, this time it had to be the usualy delayed post. But at least it things arrived! Thanks to all for sending things...
What a haul!

Talking of visitors, it's occurred to me that we've made no official announcement of our current plans the 2012 yet, so (just in case you're not aware anyway) we're currently planning to head back to UK at the end of June/early July when the school year ends here - and once I'll hopefully have been able to burn a bit of Serengeti. So, if you've been thinking it would be good to visit, or simply want one last return visit before we aren't here, you'd better try and come before June... There's lots of fun still to be had for anyone who wants to come, and we'd love to see you! No-one is currently booked in for a visits at all... Karibu Tanzania!

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