Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Yes, Kitty has finally started ballet class, having wanted to for years. Last week we made it to the opening session of a beginners class that's just started in Arusha. This week I took my camera. As yet Kitty has no ballet clothes but it doesn't bother her too much. I think there's only one pair of ballet shoes between the lot of them, and the first week several of them were in fairy outfits or similar. Maybe by the end of term they'll all be properly kitted out... or maybe not. Fortunately it doesn't seem to matter too much either to them or the ballet teacher. The relaxed attitude to a lot of issues is something I like about the community here!


  1. Cutie! Looks like a lovely group.

  2. Good to see there's at least one boy. I was the only boy in a ballet class once (well, I say boy, I was 20)

  3. Excuse me in sudden. My name is Mie. I'm living in moshi and my daughter (5years old) is going to ISM and was taking ballet lesson for afternoon club and loved that so much. But now there's no lesson and she missed it so much. Do u think itis possible for her to join the ballet class in Arusha? Or is this class only for closed people?

  4. For sure! I think there's a class at the ISM campus in Arusha as well as the one Kitty goes to at TGT. Contact the Heron Fitness people (Blue Heron) to find the details. It's a bit fo atreck for you though...

    1. Thank you so muck for ur kindness. I will try to contact with blue heron people!! Thx.