Friday, 2 December 2011

November Guide Training

So, I made it back safely from two very wet weeks in the bush near Tarangire. We had lots of rain, but lots of fun. And we looked at everything! It was great to have Mama B and the littlies out for a night too - the Mancub particularly liked the mud, but most things were worth a look! We had 32 guides and 5 trainers plus camp staff, all camping in a field near a lodge. The aim was to provide training a bit different with a focus on walking safaris, which was great fun. I took massess of pictures, so the best way to tell the tale is through them, I think...
We arrived to a brown field just before the heavens opened...

We looked at everything - this and adult ant lion

Camp Commander Kinsey gets some snake therapy from a blind snake

Birthday cake made it safely through the mud and digging process!

But mud is much fun!

Mr B wresteled a baby rock python

Appreciated by children and guides alike!

We had our own 'Snake Boy' to do training who caught most of the snakes - this a sand snake

Sometimes the rain held off enough in the evening!
Kopjes obviously need strange hand gestures...

Baby short-necked Skinks are cute!
Tiger snakes are cool

Rain brought out the flowers

Me too! This is a boomslang. Please don't try it at home folks...

Most nights it did rain...
All good things come to an end

Scorpions were everywhere (2 in our tent!) but they do glow nicely in UV

Boomslang again

Look at the jaws on that centipede!

Rain flooded this lady's hole too...

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