Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmassy stuff

Kitty and the Mancub have their last day of term this thursday. We've sent off the first batch of Christmas cards to the UK. Kitty had her end of term concert tonight and the Mancub is supposed to be in a nativity (though he refuses to dress up) and meet Father Christmas on thursday. Christmas seems to be almost upon us! And so we invited some friends round for Christmas crafts, baking and general catching up on Saturday.

Tonight Kitty's class were singing "Tanzania Tanzania, nakupenda kwa moyo wote" (Tanzania, Tanzania, I love you with all my heart...)

Today I decided to bake the Christmas cake...and today the oven broke again. The cake has now been partially grilled, partially left in a tepid oven for several hours and has partly sunk gently in the middle. A knife was coming out pretty cleanly by the end though, so it may yet be edible!

And here are two cheeky looking girls. J came for a sleepover last week.
Kitty has now lost another tooth - but not the matching top front one - on on the bottom on one side, so she slightly resembles an old crone, or perhaps someone who's not good at staying out of fist fights.

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