Saturday, 29 October 2011


Being back home is wonderful in some ways, and frustratingly exhausting in others! Despite the arduous physical nature of the Meru climb, I did get a wonderful rest from dealing with squabbles, wet beds, endless "what if..."speculations that have replaced the endless "why?"s and the repetative "Mama.....". Having slept very badly last night, due more to a blocked sinus than my still painful legs, I found myself getting extremely irritated today by the continual demands, which began with the Mancub coming into our room every two minutes between 6 and 6.15 to ask various questions relating to getting up.

On the other hand, it's lovely to enjoy their cuddles, strange wisdom and ramdom foolishness and to know that, even if they weren't at all put out to have me gone for four days, they were still very happy to see me back. How can relationships be such a mix of opposites?
Trying out the mountain gear
Being remarkably cheerful about the long walks in Amani

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