Sunday, 23 October 2011

ABC 123 Nursery

ABC 123 Nursery is the Mancub's favourite game at present, and fortunately Kitty is quite happy to play it for hours on end as well (unless she's in the middle of a particularly gripping book). I'm not sure if it was a joint creation or Kitty's idea but, unsurprisingly, she is the teacher and the Mancub is the pupil. She sets him up with lots of activities, has created a sticker reward book for him and has promised a special reward when the book is complete (according to her this will be a special activity, according to him it will be bags and bags full of presents... hmmm). They are really enjoying sharing a room at the moment (the Mancub's room doubles as our guest room), apart from the inevitable mess needing to be tidied up before bedtime.

The Mancub is definitely more interested in colour than form at the moment


  1. Love it. It sounds a lot like Izzy and Benedict's games - Izzy often creates registers, and regularly invites Ben to her nursery school. She hasn't gone as far as the sticker chart reward system... yet.

  2. So sweet they enjoy playing "nursery" together. LOL at the different expectations of what the special prize will be for completing the sticker book!

    CK stuck the whoe packet of "reward stickers" on his t-shirt one day last week, so no reward stickers till I buy some new ones!