Friday, 5 August 2011

Some answers (and a shorn mancub!)

Some answers to recent comments:

The Hedgehog is a different Genus to the European ones - here we have Ateleterix albiventris, European is Erinaceus europaeus. The size is about the same though- just the angle of the camera makde this one look larger than the car!

The plover is nesting as circled here - cute! No-one gets the prize. And it's an African Monarch, not the Diadem (check the white points on the hindwing). But I was quite pleased to see that the male diadem that was flying around there was confused too and chased her about for a bit! They really are ticky.

And in other news, Mama shore (sheered? Past tense of to sheer...) the Mancub...

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