Thursday, 4 August 2011

Garden visitor

This little chappy turned up today. He's obviously taken a bit of a bashing by something (dog?) but seemed to be trundingly around OK and stopped for a little snack provided my Mama B, so hopefully he'll perk up a bit.
White-bellied Hedgehog.

Here he is again, and that's a bit of our garden, if you've not seen it before!

Otherwise all is well - busy planning a trip next week to see one or two of the places I'm planning to burn, which will be fun. And, of course, looking forward to a mad invasion of visitors starting with my parents in three weeks time.


  1. Is he bigger than our hedgehogs, back here in Blightyland, or is it just the photo making him look bigger?

  2. What a cute little chap. Great photo!