Thursday, 10 February 2011

Weekend safari

So, I know it's Thursday now, but a combination of lack of internet and lack of power have prevented us from posting anything thus far about the weekend. So, here are some pics from our trip - we took both cars down to Manyara Ranch for a night, then on to Tarangire for the second night. And as always, we loved it! Grandma was with us, as were N & D (though we posted them off on Sunday afternoon with a driver, headed out to Ngorongoro Crater and on to Serengeti). Lots of birds, lots of animals and lots of fun!

Start with sunset for sundowners

We always do!

Not much moon meant fantastic stars, but not too much noise from the local mammal population either

Two cars did mean Mama had to practice her off-road driving skills...

Whilst Grandma and everyone else was forced to read to the Mancub in quieter moments!

Tarangire's Lions seldom disappoint

Lots of fighting going on this time - Impala here, Elephants and everything else too!

Always good showing people their first Eles!

Even better when they appreciate the birds too - A Yellow-billed Stork

And even better fording practice for Mama. Not sure the Suzuki should do much more than that...

Baby Eles are cute!

Small children have fun with water too! Kitty is so confident these days...

But it's hot, hard work for some...
Since then we've had more fun - more photos to come. N & D are fine - I spoke to them in Serenget yesterday, if anyone is wondering. And Grandma made the surprise discovery that she's leaving two days earlier than we had in the calendar (Sunday night) - happily before it was too late! Mama B and I are planning on leaving the littlies at home with Grandma tomorrow and going away for a night - we'll see how it goes. Not going too far away, but it should be nice anyway.

Anyway, good news is that the internet issues really seem to be resolved - hurrah. Bad news is that the power is being rationed again - we're off Tuesdays, Fridays and weekend nights apparently. And other times to, of course - like last night... Anyway, all good fun out here - we're looking forward to seeing N & D again on Monday - they fly tomorrow from Serengeti to Zanzibar. And then next weekend it's more visitors all over again. Hurrah! Then, however, we're short of people for a while, so if you're dithering about visiting, please do! Lots to see and do out here...

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