Monday, 14 February 2011

Things to see in Tanzania...

So, although we're still not sorted re work permits, visas and the like (silence on this topic recently, since nothing new to report...), we're still thinking about how long we'd like to be here in TZ and what we'd like to do before we leave, so we can fit it all in... I thought it might make a suitable topic to post, as it might encourage some of you to come and join in the adventures - book now! No doubt there'll be some things that get left off in the end - we're currently thinking we'll be here (permits pending...) until around Christmas. So much to do, so little time... So, some ideas of things we want to do:

Lake Natron - this is about 6hrs drive from here, a camping expedition. Lots of bumps. Lots of Flamingos. And generally rather stunning sceneray - including, of course, Ol Donyo Lengai, the active volcano. You can climb it if you're up for a long, hot trudge on cinders... Probably best not to do in Dec-Feb, as rather toasty down there on the flats - though at least it's dry heat...

Northern Serengeti when the wildebeest are crossing the Mara River. I want to see crocodiles chomping wildebeest like on David Attenbrough... And it's quite possible, August to early October, when the migration is up there. It's a very long drive though - or we have to find money to fly!

Lake Victoria - some good birds around there I've yet to see... Another long drive - all the way through Serengeti though, so plenty to see.

Zanzibar. Of course. (I want to see the funky monkey there too) And maybe Pemba to the north as there are some rather neat birds up there... Again, probably best avoided when it's really hot Dec - Feb.

The southern circuit - Ruaha, Katavi, Mahale. I've been to Selous of course, but the rest of the family haven't, and these other NPs do sound rather fantastic. The problem is they're a very, very long way from here, unless you fly. These would all be best in the dry season - July - Nov really. I'd quite like to see some chimps, and the snorkling on Lake Tanganyika sounds pretty impressive too!

The eastern Arc mountains. Amazingly, I've still not made it even to Amani in the north, let alone exploring the Udzungwa mountains and things down there. Lots of endemic birds and beasts, some rather nice walking too I suspect.

And no doubt lots of other places will occur to me too. But if you fancy a bit of an adventure and want to join us, book now and we'll be convinced! We can promise adventure, lots of wildlife and (if I say so myself) a better guide than most of us can afford... Of course, we'll also happily show people or local favourites too, if you want that - but it's always nice to explore something new...

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