Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The plot thickens...

Well, the plot does thicken, but I'm afraid I can't tell you much about it. Today's meeting and related phone calls between lawyers and immigration people have uncovered a whole new layer of underhand bluffing and double bluffing. It's really starting to resemble a le Carre novel. Can't tell you the details just yet, and to be honest, given how little honesty we have met with, we might actually be on the receiving end of a triple bluff and it could all be yet more lies. Who can we trust?

However, the ball seems to be out of our court for a while, and we're hoping for a few days without meetings/visits/threats while the various powers that be try to sort themselves out.

Meanwhile the kids and I have been spending some holiday money on toys. The Mancub is now the proud owner of his first bicycle (green) while Kitty chose a hula hoop (no, not a slightly chewy tunnel shaped crisp - that would have been rather ungenerous). I chose a pack of Uno which Kitty and I now play avidly every time the Mancub naps. She won for the first time today, so was very happy.


  1. see you tomorrow for further details!

  2. Wow, I think, going on how long this saga has gone on for I think the Lord of the Rings is probably closer to the mark - or possibly the Silmarillion as that covered several thousand years. I really thank God that I managed to avoid all this in Lebanon, thanks mainly to Wasta, and a generous portion of God's grace (not to mention avoiding being arrested by half an hour once when several of my friends were).
    Praying for you,