Monday, 23 August 2010

Four parties and a funeral

Hello strangers. Realised we haven't blogged for a week and maybe it was time to move on from the hating...

This week has been probably the most social since we arrived.

Thursday - a leaving do - one of Kitty's classmates and her family returning to Germany

Friday am - Music Makers - chaotic mass of pre-schoolers and mothers singing, dancing and dropping baby-mush on the sofas - hmmmm

Friday afternoon - spent in pool at friend's house

Friday evening - birthday meal out - same friend- ladies night  - fantastic seafood and cocktails

Saturday pm - funeral - the husband of a dear friend - 80 years old, ill and no surprise - an amazing man who loved and served God and the Masaai people in extraordinary ways for over 50 years - over 1000 people attended a beautiful, if rather lenghthy, occasion

Saturday evening - birthday party - both of us out, courtesy of good friend babysitting. More cocktails and tasty nibbles

Sunday - church followed by big social BBQ out at a friend's place in the coutryside - baby goats to cuddle being a highlight

A mass of activity punctuated by the oven fundi finally managing to ressurect the oven after 2.5 weeks of trying, a new plumbing fundi appering and replacing the last fundi's sterling work (half a black plastic bag tied around a leaking joint) with, wonder of modern technology, some silicone sealant, and also sorting the bath out so that it doesn't flood the whole bathroom every time it is empty.

The most exciting event of the weekend was probably the neighbours cutting down yet another tree 3 feet from our house with an extraordinary disregard for safety precautions or even plain know-how. It toppled over our roof, fortunately being stopped short by the one remaining tree they hadn't yet cut down. And so it hung, precariously for an hour or two, while we had our lunch at the far end of the garden, banned the kids from the house and tentatively started evacuating precious possessions (we couldn't find many). They finally enlisted a tractor and managed to pull it back over onto their plot, which was a great relief, if something of an anticlimax.

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  1. Glad to read youare feeling a little happier...I tried to comment on your last poist on holiday whilst we had next to no signal and it wouldnt let me.
    You were in my prayers though all the same.
    Hope things continue to be bearable and improving.