Thursday, 15 July 2010

One week to go

All other things being equal, this time next week I would be putting the finishing touches to the packing for an early start tomorrow, heading to the airport to fly back to the UK for a month with the kids.

It still remains possible, in theory at least, that this is what I will be doing. But with just one week to go after a saga of over 7 months so far, it doesn't look desperately likely. Frustratingly, even our own lawyers seem reluctant to answer our texts or phone back when they are out of meetings etc, so that we can't even guage how far the whole thing has progressed and whether it is nearly there or still has major steps to go. Apparently this is entirely normal for Tanzanian lawyers - there is no need to keep clients informed of progress.

So, what are we up to here? Playing at the Coffee Lodge (peaceful grounds and a good playground, with coffee and milkshakes on hand), creating a large underwater picture comprising corals, sea urchins and tropical fish etc all created and stuck onto a big piece of blue card, baking (bread, scones, gingerbread, millionaires' shortbread), trying to pull each others arms off (Kitty and the Mancub invented this game this morning, and since they were actually both happily playing it together I left them to get on with it), being kittens, wandering around the neighbourhood admiring tractors, tiny chicks, muddy ditches, pikipikis (motorbikes) etc, reading books, having friends over.... the usual school holiday fare I suppose. Also watching David Attenborough, 25 years younger, having borrowed the Living Planet series.

And getting cold. All you brits out there, it's your turn to be smug. We are sitting around in the evenings with our jumpers on and wrapped in blankets. Today's tractor sighting turned out to be delivering a huge trailer load of firewood to a friend and neighbour. I'm insisting on the kids wearing socks in the house, on the cold tiled or concret floors. And I retreated under the bedclothes to study swahili today as it was too cold on the sofa. Hmmm, bring back the warmth please.


  1. Very much hoping to see you back here soon. But probably not half as much as you'd like to know whether or not you're coming!

    If it does get sorted at the very last minute at least know that whatever you forget to pack, we're bound to have some sort of it somewhere.

  2. Praying the whole darn mess is sorted and God is glorified through it.
    And remember Aunty Tia is past master at sourcing what has been forgotten or inventing working substitutes!
    Love and hugs