Thursday, 22 July 2010

Local wildlife

Bedtime conversation with the Mancub:

"Lions out dere Mama, make noise in dark"
"Lions? Which lions?"
"Five lions? Where? In our garden?"
"Let (yes)"
"Do you know, there aren't ANY lions in Arusha"
"There are lots of dogs. They make noise in the dark. Woof woof woof. Do you hear them sometimes?"
"Dey in ar house?"
"Dey in ar garden?"
"No, they're in the gardens of some of the other people"
"Oooooh...... any zebras coming in ar house?"
"No, no zebras coming in"
"Any green sea turtles coming in?"
"No, no green sea turtles"
"Any water buffalo?"
"No, no water buffalo. In fact, no animals come in our house"

Makes a change from monsters I suppose.


  1. Hmmm sounds like home. Except we're limited to having to keep the door shut acos the dog might come in or the please dog (police dog) might.

    At least you have variety!

  2. Lol Tia I was thinking Please dont Let Mancub and Little Fish exchange fear ideas!

    Lions and Waterbuffalo are just Trucks delivering buggy's by another name!

    So sorry you 4 arent coming home to visit, but glad your dissappointement is tempered by what sounds like a delghtful weekend ahead.
    Love and prayers always