Sunday, 17 August 2014

Our great Orcadian trip

Had a lovely evening and morning with friends in Perth en route. Then on to the Flow country for a night in a B&B
Forsinard RSPB centre - the Goldern Eagle we built (jigsaw) is bigger than Daddy!
Braving the midges to explore the peat bog habitats

Kids loved the boardwalks
Relaxing on the beach by Dounreay before catching the ferry from Gill's  Bay
We see Burray. Can we spot Uncle G's house?!

Definitely one of those ones
Safely arrived and enjoying Auntie Y's books on pebble mosaics... Kitty and Mr B are now planning one for our garden...

Our ferry

obligatory holiday sunset shot

This one's just to make Granny and Grandad jealous... looking round the dig at the Ness of Brodgar

And the Ring of Brodgar - no it's not a huge Van de Graff generator, just a windy day.


Yesnaby: the Mancub asked for cliffs...

And lots of time on the beach - cousin D helped us identify all the shells and we found some Groatie Buckies!

We visited the Italian Chapel and also some less famous relics from the war
 Lots of fun with Godparents in Glasgow on the way home too. All in all a lovely holiday!

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