Monday, 19 August 2013


First to Abingdon. Lots of fun with Grannie, Grandad, Great Grannie, Auntie T, Mog and TLP.

Butterfly catching on Wittenham Clumps
driving school at Legoland
Fully licensed!
Fun with fountains at Blemheim
"PLEASE can I be the table?!"
"Exterminate! I am a garlic!"
Then a spot of camping in the New Forest.

Breakfast in jimjams in a field - what could be better!
Fallow deer at a special viewing place.
Also in our camping field
Sailing with the Wicked Uncle. We sent the Mancub up the mast.

It looked like too much fun to miss!
Now home again, with the exception of Dr B who is at INTECOL in London for the week.

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  1. You have two beautiful, and adventurous, children - they certainly take after their Mom and Dad!

    And, good for Grandpa, going down that slide!

    Ann in Virginia