Thursday, 4 July 2013

A year and a day...

That's how long the owl and the pussycat sailed to reach the land where the bong tree grows (as a child I thought it was a bomb tree).

It's also how long we've been back in the UK.

We've just said goodbye to our first visitors from Tanzania, the Ts. When we saw them a year ago there were five, now there are six. Everyone got on as if we'd last seen each other yesterday, which was lovely. Probably at least another year till we see them again.

Fish and chips on the beach at Scarborough

Scarborough Castle

A year less one day is the time since my first job interview back in the UK. Today, finally, I obtained gainful employment.....1 day a week for 3 years! A uni job administering an international network studying Russian environmental history. Ah well, it's a start!

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