Friday, 2 November 2012

snow and relatives

Phew, long time no blog. Here's the start of some catching up from the last few weeks. I was down in Brecon last weekend, singing services in the cathedral with Ex Collegio. Meanwhile, the others were enjoing snow in Dunnington!

spot the great granny knit!
Yesterday the kids and I went on a day trip, first down to Matlock to collect the last of our belongings (kindly delivered to the UK for us last April by friends in Arusha) and then on to Nottingham to meet a new cousin (well, almost cousin, cousin-in-law's baby, whatever the correct term for that is) and catch up with his Mum and big sister.

We like relatives

Very very cute. I had lots of cuddles.


  1. Lovely photo's, looks like you all had a lovely time. The snow must be a bit of a strange experience for Mancub!

  2. Cannot tell you how happy I am to see you have snow as we swan about in strappy tops and sunglasses. Role reversal I think!