Monday, 9 July 2012


Well, we've had an offer accepted on a house in the little village of Dunnington, 4 miles east of York and 3 miles from Colin's office on the Uni campus! Very exciting! If it all goes through we will be living at 9 Church Balk by the end of August.

There is a little primary school a mere 300m walk away which we looked round and loved, and which currently has space for both kids. The village also has a post office, shop, medical practice, dentist, physiotherapist, library, reading room, florist, two hairdressers, three pubs, two churches, sports facilities and playpark, fish and chips shop and, most importantly, a Nature Reserve with a pond! The new Univeristy sports village, complete with swimming pool, is about 2 miles away.

The house doesn't look very exciting at present but we have plans for it, and got it at a price which means that we have some money set aside for carrying out those plans. Hooray! It also has a reasonable sized garden - plenty of room for a trampoline and some fruit bushes as well as lawn.

I'm very excited about it. Can you tell?


  1. Am very pleased with anything which ties you to England for a bit!

  2. Such good news. If this goes through you will officially be a most jammy family!
    NB: I reckon you're all MOST excited about the 2 hairdressers : )

  3. Hi. So glad to hear you have a house.
    I must say thank you for the huge bottle of rum - Stephanie said it came from your place. I think I may need to drink it at some stage!