Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sociable Saturday

Very busy day today! Everyone seems to want to see us before we leave, so today we had three invitations! This morning for coffee then into lunch with a German family, thens traight on to a Fijian school friend of Kitty's, for a traditional Fijian lunch.
Lunch is under there...

Getting closer!

Ah ha!


Which, of course, wouldn't be complete without dancing!

And, we had to sample some genuine kava too. Not my favourite drink, but we did finish the bowl...

Then, after finally eating our second lunch around 4pm (and having had second and third helpings to be polite - though the fish was especially yummy!), we were on to our last event of the day, dinner with Australian friends! Which was also fun, but now it's nice to be home and to have the kids fast asleep and silent at last! One of the things I think we'll miss back in the UK is the completely international set of friends we have here - though Fijian stone ovens certainly count as one of the more surreal Arusha experiences of recent months!

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