Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Catching up... 1

So, lots has hapened since we last posted here - lots of visitors and lots of safaris. First we had a couple of days with Grannie and Grandad and other visitors from the UK overlapping, which involved an obligatory trip to Arusha NP, for some excellent birding (I've finally found all the birds that I know breed in the NP, so that's a good sign!). And the colobus were neat too.

C & S may remember this Albino Baboon from last year - he's grown!

Then it was goodbye to my parents, and see you soon to H and M as we sent them off on safari a few minutes before more friends arrived from UK. So, it was Mama's turn to lead an Arusha NP trip the following morning, with more colobus and more fun! The adventure really started the next afternoon when we piled into a tiny plane and headed to Northern Serengeti for three nights of safari adventure, hoping that we'd encounter a few wildebeest crossing the Mara on the way, and refinding H and M for the weekend as their treck co-incided.

Mama likes bushbuck
For now, I'll leave you with some pics from this adventure, with the subsequent trips to come in due course... We did see the wildebeest go swimming (though no croc action, shame...) and it was beautifully green up there, thanks to Lake Victoria rainfall which made a nice change from the dry around Arusha!

Weather was too wet for proper sunsets...

But the wildebeest made it!

Young leopard was rather nice for the first morning too

We even looked at Mwanza Agamas

And we dressed up silly for the rain!

Oribi were enjoying the green again though

And this guy liked wildebeest. All on the first morning!

Spring may be in the air, but Kitty's desire to see them make babies will have to wait for another time.

Wattled Plover is neat

This young cheetah and her sib were nice to see

Mum put on a show chasing hares too - great!

Too full to snap up wildebeest I think...

Many wildebeest had drowned making the river very stinky. But also the ideal pillow, apparently...

Hippos are cool!

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  1. Sounds like you've now experienced for real all the Serengeti documentaries ever made! Lovely photos. Love to you all xxx