Friday, 11 February 2011

Lake Duluti

Thursday saw us taking Grandma out to Lake Duluti to try and spot the mono-rail lizards, as the Mancub is now calling them. I'm hoping we're out this evening, but trying o ge tthis to post later and keep things happening even whilst we away! Also making the most of power today (Thurs), as there won't be any tomorrow of course. Anyway, it was a lovely walk, as ever, and this time we can even share some of the birds with eveyone, thanks to the new camera. Lots of fun!

White-faced Whistling Ducks aren't actually common at Duluti

Cormorants are...

And we usually see Squacco Herons too

We found the mono-rails of course - though no monsters this time.

And Striated Herons are cute

But Malachite Kingfisher prettier!

Pied Kingfishers aren't too bad though

Highlight for some, mind, was the fizzy at the end of the walk...

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